How to Get Local HD Channels through Cable Without an Extra Box


If you’ve just made the leap to a high definition television set, you’re probably feeling a bit daunted by this rapidly evolving technology. It can be difficult for a new HDTV owner to figure out what is truly an HD signal and how to receive it. If you have cable, your cable company will likely tell you that you need to pay an extra monthly fee for an HD capable cable box. But you can actually receive HD signals through your current cable line without the need for a box, and this guide will tell you how.

Hooking Your Cable Straight into Your HDTV

Depending on where you live, you may have been able to plug your cable straight into your old TV set to get the basic channels, or you may have been required to use a box for each TV connected to your cable. Regardless, your HDTV will now be able to see cable channels simply by plugging the coaxial cable line (the one that comes straight into your house from outside) straight into the back of the TV. Here are the steps for beginning this process:

Plug or screw the coaxial cable into the proper input on the back of your TV. It will be the metallic one with threads, 더킹카지노 not any of the multicolored ones.

If you are just turning on your new TV for the first time, it will most likely ask if you want to conduct a channel scan. It will also provide you with the option to scan for Antenna or Cable channels. You should choose Cable. If you do not see this screen on startup, consult your TV’s manual to find out where the Channel Scan function is.

Start the Channel Scan. During this process your TV will either be black or showing the manufacturer’s logo. This may last for up to ten minutes.

When the channel scan completes, you should be able to scan through your TV’s channels and see all of those that your cable company includes in the basic package. You will also see some extra channels that may not be listed in your cable company’s lineup.

Finding Out What Channels You Receive in What Order

Remember to scan through each of the channels your TV’s auto-scan discovered in order to find your local stations in HD. Often, they are not too easy to find, residing somewhere in the 100s. Sometimes, they are located on the same channel number as their over-the-air antenna number. This can be confusing if you were used to watching them on yet another channel on your old TV set.

Again, depending on where you live and how your cable company currently sends out its signal, you may receive a full lineup of “analog” channels, followed by a lineup of “digital” channels. If your cable company made you use a converter box for 더나인카지노 all of your old TV sets, chances are you will only see the “digital” lineup. In each of these digital lineups, you will find all of your local network affiliates in true HD. Your cable company is actually required to bring you these channels in HD with no extra fee.

Cable Box vs. “Boxless” Cable

If you watch TV mainly through a cable box, more than likely this box has no HD capability. These are two ways to tell if your box is not HD capable:

It only has one coaxial cable output. (This is the cable that usually has a screw-on connector.)

It has one coaxial cable output and three other connectors that are red, white, and yellow in color.

It is likely that you will get more channels on this box than you would with the cable plugged straight into the TV. The only problem is that those channels won’t be in HD. But if you don’t watch much cable beyond the basic channels, this may not be an issue.

Conclusion: Local Channels in HD No Matter What

When you get a new HDTV set, you should test to see how many channels you receive

with the cable plugged straight into the TV. If you can still see all of your basic cable channels in the order you are used to, in addition to new channels after this lineup ends, you will most likely not need an extra box. If you see less channels, it will probably be easier to pay the extra fee for an HD box, but you will still be able to see a basic lineup in standard definition and the local network affiliates in true high definition without any sort of additional box.

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12 months ago

Do you think I can cancel my expensive and horrific sudden link and still get local


4 years ago

I’m able to get the local stations using the cable line that provides my broadband. Last night pbs kids vanished. I was able to recalibrate one tv and found it under another channel. However, my samsung TV will not find the same station during the channel scan as my TV in the kids room. Anyone have expedience with this dilemma?

Stay Healthy by Following a Proper Diet Plan

When you are planning to work with your diet to make you fit and keep you away from the issues that you have due to obesity and lack of nutrients in your diet, you can go any DNA fitness test in India that helps you to maintain your health.

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People do have the test

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Have healthy weight loss

Losing weight can be carried on by both positive manners, sometimes weight loss is the symptom for some diseases and in some cases it is the sign of good health. It is better when you lose weight based on maintained good and 우리카지노계열 healthy diet. Here are some of the rules that a healthy diet plan can have.

It does not depend on the quantity of the food that you consume, 샌즈카지노쿠폰 it depends on the work and exercises that you perform to maintain your health.

Do not rush your food in your stomach; it is always required to spend enough time to have food. Having too fast and too slow and have even intervals in consuming food so that your food may get digested properly.

Of course, verity is important, by having a high verity of food in the regular meals with tend you for overeating and thus stress your body in the digestion process.
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Some Helpful Information About Blue Light And Blue Blockers

Sitting for 우리카지노 long hours at computer screens or staring at your mobile phones and tablets for long can not only leave you tensed and unfocused but can also cause a strain on your eyes. The blue light exposure from these sources can affect your health in many ways. The effect can be both immediate as well as cumulative, depending upon the hours you spend at the computer and 카지노사이트쿠폰 mobile screens. Although blue light can affect your health, the good news is you can minimize their effect to a large extent. You can minimize the time you spend on your electronic devices and at the same time start wearing blue blockers. Wearing a good pair of glasses that obstruct the rays can give you great relief.

4 months agoMentioned below are some of the health issues you may develop due to excessive exposure of blue light.

Headaches and Migraines

Many studies have been conducted which supports that too much exposure to blue light can cause headaches. Also, people who are more prone to headaches or migraine attacks can get much affected by these rays. So, it is better to minimize the use of mobile phones, computer, and other devices that emit these rays.

Sleep disorders

Artificial light is considered a hindrance in preventing people from getting better sleep. And, in this regard, blue light can be the main culprit. Also, people who are exposed more to this light in the evening time inhibit the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates our desire for sleep. Looking at the devices for a longer time in the evening can result in greater drowsiness, and lesser alertness and the energy level the next day.

Eye strain and fatigue

Too much exposure to blue light can result in eye strain and fatigue. When you are absorbing too much of blue light, it can definitely affect your health. It can also lead to eye fatigue and soreness. In addition to this entire problem, too much exposure can result in dry eyes too.

You may experience more health issues if you are exposed to blue light. In order to protect your eyes and maintain a healthy sleep pattern, 더킹카지노 you should limit the exposure of these rays. You can protect your eyes by using a pair of blue light filter glasses. You can easily purchase them as they are available online as well as at physical locations. Before you order, consider what will look good on you and the material of the glasses. Order a pair of glasses that you can wear for a long time.

BluTech provides you blue blockers to save your eyes from harmful blue light.

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