From the come off to the board, the whole, until the akin software applications, Prediksi bola satellite pilotage industry strand in China is gradually building and perfected.

He told reporters Technically, the geological formation of PRC navigation diligence chemical chain have got been no obstacle. The Florida key is in the surgical operation of the market, byplay models and inevitably to boom promote follow-up.

The orbiter piloting industry, Republic of China has ab initio conceived to allow planet sailing signals, technology research and development, cartesian product manufacturing, engine room systems integration, covering of operable services for an important part of the industrial Sir Ernst Boris Chain.

“But the whole industry chain is still imperfect, is far from perfect.” Cao Chong, better the business enterprise Ernst Boris Chain notwithstanding time.

In Holocene epoch years, relevant departments of the Say and topical anaesthetic governments affect the Full-grown Dipper, “as an important starting point for new industries, promoting the development of strategic emerging industries, it makes the satellite navigation industry growth trends.

Cao Chong made a prediction: the annual output value of China’s satellite navigation industry will be over 200 billion yuan in 2015.

Has been a concern of the national strategic emerging industry “12th Five-Class Development Plan” will be introduced in the first half of this year. The satellite navigation is considered to be the backbone of a new generation of IT inside, the basis of one of the main line. Can be sure that planning the introduction will give the navigation industry has brought favorable policies.

For the future pattern of the navigation industry in China, Cao Chong, will form the four sections on the development of the situation. : “Compass” as the core driving force to promote the Chinese GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) industry, the overall development of the main line; satellite navigation industry chain, to build and improve the system of satellite navigation industry; industrial system based on satellite navigation to build new space-time service system; service system of the new space, to create a new generation of IT core and foundation, to promote intelligent information to a full development.

It is understood that the high-tech products in Guangdong Province work to identify the products are declared after the State has authorized the department finds or market testing and recognition of new products, and products consistent with the national focus on supporting high-tech fields. “PRC High-technical school Products Catalog” and “PRC High-Technical school Cartesian product Export Catalogue” areas specified range. At the same time, Main products: car DVD player and car dvd , are with good quality. also called the intellectual property of the product is clear, mature technology, great market potential, a better economic, social and environmental benefits, in line with the requirements of sustainable development; products and processes should be consistent with the national industrial policy, security and environmental protection requirements.

 Open a variety of mobile applications for electronic markets, electronic map application downloads the forefront. Highly developed in the Internet today, people no longer satisfied with a single query function of the traditional map. Industry insiders estimate that the future, intelligent, shared into the characteristics of real three-dimensional geographic information services will become mainstream.